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Position description: Vice president

As Vice President of ISFiT, you work closely with the president in shaping and representing ISFiT, as well as leading the organization as a whole. You will be able to help build the organization from the ground up, as well as lead and follow the board with the president. The role is quite flexible, and so the division of tasks between the vice president and the president is something that the leader team figures out between themselves. 


Are you interested in either working closely with the theme of Power or experience leading a large organization, or maybe both, then the position of Vice President is one that you should apply for!

For more information regarding the position contact president of ISFiT-25 Aurora Kolstad on or +47 48273344.

"Being the vice president has been one of the most rewarding and interesting experiences of my life. You meet and get to work with so many wonderful people throughout the two years, and get challenged in ways you´ve never been before. Additionally, as vice president you get a lot of freedom in shaping your own position, and thus also the work you do. It´s an extremely flexible and diverse role. 10/10 would do again."

Lars Ingar Tutturen, Vice President of ISFiT-23

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