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Places to drink



Den Gode Nabo

Den Gode Nabo has since the 90s been one of the most popular pubs in Trondheim. The bar is located in Bakklandet right next to the touristic attraction Gamle bybro. Den Gode Nabo is a charming place with an amazing atmosphere and a variety of different beers, wines and drinks at every price level. If you end up visiting make sure to have look at all the walls which have many treasures that have been found in the walls when building the pub. Opening hours are: Thursday - Saturday 2 pm - 1 am and Sunday - Wednesday 4 pm to 1 am. Remember to ask for the student discount when buying beer.


Work-Work is the perfect bar to bring your friends to for some rounds of shuffle, board games or retro games in their game room. Rumours has it that they also have som very cool drinks. Opening hours are: Monday - Thursday 12 pm - 12:30 am, Friday - Saturday 12 pm - 2:30 am and Sunday 2:30 pm - 12:30 am.

Ila Brannstasjon

Ila Brannstasjon is a bar and café with a small stage, cosy interior and common food. Sometimes small concerts are held inside and they have nice benches overlooking the park outside. Perfect place to sit down if your are visiting the nearby Ila area! Highly recommended by locals. Opening hours are: Wednesday - Friday 3 pm - 11 pm, Saturday 12 pm - 11:30 pm and Sunday 12 pm - 7 pm.


Antikvariatet is an authentic, cozy and intimate café by day and pub by night. Located in Bakklandet, this pub hosts small concerts and other events, and is a great place to grab a few beers or drinks in the evening. Opening hours are: Monday - Friday 3 pm - 1:30 am and Saturday - Sunday 12 pm - 1:30 am.

ØX Tap Room

ØX Tap Room is located in the basement of the infamous Italian restaurant Frati. ØX is a bar that brews their own beer, so this is a perfect place to taste some amazing brews. The bar has a cozy and intimate vibe being built in a cool wine celler, so this is a great place to bring your friends. Opening hours are: Monday - Friday 3 pm - 12 am and Saturday 2 pm - 12 am.

Raus Bar

Raus Bar is a cool place to grab a drink or beer with friends. If you go on a Tuesday you get their Tuesday drink deal for EUR 9, and here you can even order your own Ryan Gosling. Opening hours are: Wednesday - Saturday 6 pm - 02:30 am and Tuesday 7 pm - 02:30 am.


Habitat is a hipster-tropical bar that serves pizza and other snack, and their drinks are amazing. They also serve lots of craft beers, so this is the perfect place to taste some local beers with a few friends. It's also the perfect place to grab some beers and eat something before a night out. Opening hours are: Monday - Thursday 3 pm - 11:30 pm and Friday - Sunday 1 pm - 1:30 am.

E.C. Dahls

E.C. Dahls is a bar and restaurant that serves the infamous Dahls, which is loved by the students of Trondheim. Here you get to taste some amazing beer that is brewed locally together with som food or snacks. E.C. Dahls is located outside the city center, close to Lade. Here, there are some amazing views. To get to E.C. Dahls you can take the bus to Strandveikaia, Buran 2 or Anders Buens gate. From here, a 4 to 12 minute walk remains. Opening hours are: Tuesday - Saturday 5 pm - 12 am.

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