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Read our Research Report here!

We recommend taking a look at ISFiT21s Research Report! This report has been put together in order to look more closely at specific cases within the theme. 

The first case focuses on academic freedom and safe spaces. It examines students’ perception of these concepts in different countries, and how political correctness is possibly affecting the knowledge that is produced in higher education and research. Creation and spreading of knowledge in higher education is at the core of the theme, and this case examines what this looks like from a global perspective.

The next case is about what conditions should be present for technology in digital platforms to be developed in a way that facilitates healthy digital behavior. This includes how digital platforms use knowledge about us, but also raising awareness, as in spreading knowledge about digital platforms. The knowledge of how these platforms work can once again empower us as users. 


You can also read about refugee children and their limited access to education, and how this affects their integration into a new school system. What implications do these differences in access to knowledge have for creating knowledge from a global perspective? 

Lastly, we have a case that looks closer at Poland and Hungary. It is concentrated on how political leaders in these two countries use framing of knowledge to affect the population’s values and attitudes about homosexuality. These political leaders have the power to take knowledge and present it in a certain way, and are therefore creating knowledge themselves!

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