The Communication Section is looking for volunteers to fill these positions:

  • Content Creator
  • Builder
  • Stunter

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Do you want to be a part of creating installations that will promote ISFiT in Trondheim? Are you interested in creative work and want to be part of something cool? Then you should apply to be a Builder for the Creative Outreach team! 

Creative Outreach will create installations that will be placed around the city of Trondheim, and as a Builder you can be a part of creating these. Through this position you have the opportunity to work in a great, social team and explore your skills within both building and art. You will be working with cork boards, using drills and power tools, painting, hanging string lights or placing light spots, and much more like it! 

No previous experience is required, only motivation to learn or employ new skills. If you are a creative and motivated person, we would like to have you on our team!

Eirin N. Oldernes, 95405476,

Content Creator

Do you want to use social media to reach thousands of students around the world with captivating texts, funny pictures, or interesting videos? Do you want to join us in developing digital marketing for ISFiT21?

We are looking for Content Creators who can contribute to communicating the vision of ISFiT and our theme “Creating Knowledge” across digital platforms. The Social Media Team will work on developing and enacting creative ideas to inform the rest of the world about everything that is going on before and during the festival. We will be building ISFiT as a brand, raising awareness around different aspects of “Creating Knowledge”, and recruiting volunteers and participants.

No former experience is required for this position, only a motivation to work with social media and a desire to captivate our followers with innovative content. We want people with creative ideas who take initiative and like working towards achieving goals in a creative, yet strategic way. The position will fit those who like to think outside the box, are motivated, and like working with others. If this sounds interesting, apply to be a Content Creator! If you have any large, small, or tiny questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Lan La // 46458566 //


Do you love going out of your way to be spectacular, engaging, or to spread awareness about something? Then become a Stunter!

Your job will be to take to the streets, parks, and schools of Trondheim in spectacular fashion. You will, along with your coordinator, plan the most engaging, fun, and eye-catching stunts possible to garner attention towards our festival and show the whole city and further beyond that we mean business and that we have a message that everyone should know about!

No previous experience as a stunter is needed. The only thing we need from you is a desire to share ISFiT21 and our theme “Creating Knowledge” with as many people as possible. If you would like to know more details about this position before you apply, feel free to contact the Head of Marketing at ISFiT21 over phone or via email. The rest of the team and I can’t wait to finally be working with you!

Ola Mæle // 99450511 //