The Administration Section is looking for volunteers to fill these positions:

  • Chillout Crew Member
  • Driving Crew Member
  • Transport Manager

Apply here

Chillout Crew Member

Do you want to be part of an exciting and fun crew that will be loved by all of ISFiT? Do you like to bring ideas to life and get lots of new friends in the process? Then we want you as a Chillout Crew Member!

As a Chillout Crew Member you will be part of making the chillout lounge at Samfundet. A place where participants and volunteers can relax and hang out. Together we will make the best chillout lounge ever made, and spread good vibes during the festival. 

We would love to have you onboard as a member of the ISFiT and Welfare family.

If you have any questions, don´t hesitate to send me a message!

Åse Størdal // 91340283 //

Driving Crew Member

Does the idea of meeting new people excite you? Do you enjoy driving, meeting celebrities, hanging out with friends or do you just want to be part of a great team?

As a Driving Crew Member you will be part of the team driving equipment, arrivals, artists, bands and more! Ahead of the festival there will be plenty of driving practice if you feel unfamiliar with driving in Trondheim, as well as safety courses and social events. During your shift, when you’re not behind the wheel, you get to hang out with other volunteers. The position will allow you to work and meet with a range of different teams in ISFiT!

Does this sound interesting to you? Apply! For this position you’ll need a driving licence that is valid in Norway. Do you have any questions regarding the position? Just ask!

Olav Vassbotn // 988 69 099 //

Transport Manager

Are you the kind of person who likes being in control, capable of keeping your cool during stressful times and want to be a part of the most amazing team?

As a Transport Manager your job is to dispatch drivers and coordinate cars during the festival. You will be situated at Trafoen, along with drivers and other volunteers, as the on-call coordinator, and create a fun and enjoyable environment for the Driving Crew. It will be essential for the Transport Manager to come up with solutions to unexpected transport-related problems that arise and make sure the festival runs smoothly. 

Does this sound interesting to you? Apply! There are no requirements for this position. Do you have any questions regarding the position? Just ask!

Olav Vassbotn // 98869099 //