Welcome to ISFiT!

If you are thinking about volunteering or if you are curious about ISFiT, this website contains the information you need. Further down on this page we will explain what ISFiT is and how you can benefit from us as new students in Trondheim. 

Hello and welcome to ISFiT!
My name is Mathilde and together with over 100 students here in Trondheim we arrange the world biggest international student festival in the world. Gathering students across borders for 10 days of workshops, the Student Peace Prize, dialogue and a wide culture program. Creating an open platform where student voices are acknowledged, and where we can better understand the opportunities and responsibilities of Creating Knowledge. 
The International Student Festival in Trondheim is a festival entirely created for and by students. And we hope you also want to be part of our organization, gain some new experiences and get to know a bunch of amazing people! Give it a try, I did four years ago, and I am still here.  
Hope to see you around!
Best regards, 
Mathilde Breda Enkerud
ISFiT 2021 

foto: Frøy E. Hamstad

What is ISFiT? 

ISFiT is the worlds largest international student festival. We bring together students from across the globe to talk, listen and learn. The festival will take place from February 12th to February 21th in 2021. As a student in Trondheim you can benefit from this in several ways. 


ISFiT is created by and for students. To do this, we need motivated students to help us plan an exciting, educational and fun festival. From August 17th, we are recruiting! The deadline for applying will be August 31th. We are recruiting in all of our teams, and have exciting volunteer positions regarding administration, commuication, culture and much more! A link to the recruitment will be published on this website and on our social media accounts. 

Attending the events

If you do not want to volunteer and join us in creating the festival, there are other ways to experience ISFiT. We have a broad cultural program during the festival which you can attend as a student in Trondheim. This can be concerts, debates, lectures, art shows and much more! From now and up until the festival, we will announce different events that you can attend. Follow us on social media to hear more about this. 

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