Dear ISFiT21 applicants, students, and friends of ISFiT.

We regret to inform you that due to the development of the Covid-19 situation, we will not be able to invite students who reside outside of Norway to participate in Trondheim for the festival. This means that only students living in Norway, both internationals, exchange students and Norwegians, will be able to apply as participants. This is based on the fact that participants coming from outside of Norway in February most likely will have to stay in quarantine due to government regulations, and that we need to take responsibility for not spreading the virus across borders. 

We are currently working on digital solutions to reach out to all of you who want to follow ISFiT21 and participate in exploring the theme “Creating Knowledge” together. Stay tuned on our Facebook page for more information later this fall! We also hope that this situation will not discourage you from applying for ISFiT23, as we still aspire for ISFiT to be an international festival engaging students from all over the world to meet.

If you are from Poland or Hungary, you can still apply for ISFiT’s Dialogue Seminar. You can find more information about this seminar and apply at The deadline for applying for the Dialogue Seminar is October 11th 2020.

If you have any inquiries regarding this topic, please see the FAQs on this website as your questions may have already been answered there.