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Position Description:
Leader of the Student Peace Prize

As the Leader of the Student Peace Prize, you are responsible for all of its volunteers, activities, and partnerships. Most importantly, you are leading the process to select and announce the Laureate of 2025. During your mandate, you will build a team, attend, and organize seminars and conferences, organize campaigns, travel both nationally and internationally, handle press and media, and whatever else you want to do. 


Do you want to work with students and peacebuilding both on a national and on a global level? If you are interested in developing and representing the Student Peace Prize for the next two years, then apply for Leader of the Student Peace Prize! 

Read more about the Student Peace Prize (SPP) and it’s connection to ISFiT here: About – STUDENT PEACE PRIZE

For more information regarding the position contact president of ISFiT-25 Aurora Kolstad on or +47 48273344.

"Being the Leader of the Student Peace Prize was such a unique opportunity! I got to personally know student activists from around the world who are at the forefront of today's fight for freedom and peace. It was also great to work on putting the spotlight on the important role students hold in times of war and crisis. And of course, it was incredible to meet so many new people and I am grateful that I have gotten friends for a lifetime<3"

Mathea Mohn,
Leader of the Student Peace Prize during ISFiT-23

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