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Position Description: 
Head of Participants

The Participant Section of ISFiT25 will work with the entire participant experience - from workshops to the host experience. As Head of Participants, your section will play an absolute key role in creating a neutral platform for students from all over the world to meet and discuss through dialogue and debates, developing the workshops and recruiting participants. 

In ISFiT-23, the Participants Section consisted of; Host, Workshop, the Dialogue-project and Participant Coordination, but the board might change this in 2025.

Do you want to create an arena for students from all over the world to explore the theme Power? If you are interested in working with the theme Power and engaging students from all over the world in dialogue and debates, then this is the position for you!


For more information regarding the position contact president of ISFiT-25 Aurora Kolstad on or +47 48273344.

"I had never had a volunteer position with this much responsibility before, but it was so worth it! I have learned a lot about communicating with both external contributors and the participants, and worked a lot with the theme. One of my favorite experiences, aside from finally meeting physical participants,  was getting to lead a team with hardworking, engaged students from different corners of the world. If you want to learn more about leading and recruiting, but also different cultures, this is the position for you!"

Oda Flatås Bjørnerud, Head of Participants ISFiT-23

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