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Position Description: 
Head of Organizational Resources

Organizational Resources is a section that contributes to all the work that is being done in the festival; from building systems ensuring the well-being of the volunteers, to IT solutions and managing the economy to make sure that projects can be realized. ‘


Do you want to lead a section that manages the two most important resources in the organization: the volunteers and the economy of the festival? If you are interested in learning about what makes an organization of 500 people solid then this is the position for you!

During ISFiT-23, the Organizational Resources section consisted of the teams Internal Events, IT, Economic Management, Finance and HR.


For more information regarding the position, contact president of ISFiT-25 Aurora Kolstad on or +47 48273344.

"As the head of OR, I had the privilege of leading a section consisting of dedicated, cheerful, and highly skilled people with responsibilities for core operations such as the economy, HR and IT systems. The position gives you valuable first-hand experience working in a large organization from a management perspective while expanding both your personal and professional network."

Vebjørn Svare, Head of OR ISFiT-23

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