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Position Description:
Head of Communication

The Head of Communication works with leading the section that spreads the word of ISFiT to all students around the world, but also everyone in Trondheim. You will lead a section that works with a variety of different tasks: designing posters and recruitment-material, building a relationship with the press in Trondheim, putting the spotlight on the festival through stunts, social media and installations in the city-scape. Most importantly is that you are engaged in how ISFiT is to be perceived and motivated to set marketing tactics into life with the help of the teams you are going to recruit!

Previously the teams in the Communication Section have been; Design, PR, Editorial, Film and Creative Outreach, but this might change in ISFiT-25.

Are you interested in working with communication strategy, PR and Marketing, this is the position you should apply for!


For more information regarding the position contact president of ISFiT-25 Aurora Kolstad on or +47 4827334

“Being the head of communication has been fun, educational, challenging, surprising, crazy and really an experience I wouldn't be without!  As the head of communication, you will not only work with communication, but are also part of the ISFiT board where you really get to see how a festival is created from scratch - You will meet many bumps in the road, but with the board with you all the way it will be very exciting and you will make friends for life!”

Lan La, Head of Communcation ISFiT-23

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