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Position description: Head of Admin

The Administration Section is the backbone of the organization and plays a dynamic and exciting role in ISFiT. As the Head of Administration, you will work with the logistics and operations of the organization in the lead-up to and during the festival. You will therefore be essential in making the organization and the festival well-functioning. 


Do you want to play a key role in building and managing an organization of 500 volunteers, as well as executing a 10-day festival with students from all over the world? If you are interested in learning how to administer the biggest international student festival in the world, then this is the position for you!

In ISFiT-23 the Admin section consisted of the teams Transport, Secretariat, Welfare and Recruitment, but this might change in ISFiT-25.

For more information regarding the position contact president of ISFiT-25 Aurora Kolstad on or +47 48273344.

"Experiencing the organization grow from 8 to 500 volunteers has been truly unique, and is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The role carries a lot of responsibility, but also the opportunity to meet what will in time become some of your best friends! It's pretty cool."

Kevin Kristiansen, Head of Admin ISFiT-23

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