ISFiT Presents! The musical quartet from Bergen, Razika, consist of four girls all born in Bergen in 1991. They started the band in 2006 and plays ska-pop-rock and perform their music in Norwegian. The band is made up of Marie Amdam (vocalist and rythm guitar), Marie Moe (bass player), Maria Råkil (lead guitarist and vocalist) and Embla Karidotter (drums).

As a part of their tour, the girls from Bergen are coming back to Trondheim in february 2019, and this time they will perform in Storsalen for the very first time! With songs like “Om igjen”, “Vondt i hjertet” og “Faen ta deg”, they have stolen the hearts of Norwegians since their debut in 2008, and have since then released three albums. ISFiT is proud to welcome the Bergensquartet to Trondheim as a part of the festival’s cultural program, and we look forward to what is sure to be an epic concert with this amazing band!