Human activity has contributed to the increased warming of our planet. The environment is rapidly changing and one of today’s biggest challenges is the great number of individuals who are and will be forced to move due to unbearable situations related to climate change. This will happen both within nations and across borders.

Migration runs along a continuum from voluntary movement to forced displacement. Currently there is no international legal framework that comprises the rights and needs of people who are forced to move or migrate as a result of environmental causes. With an increased skepticism towards refugees, what will the future of acceptance be if the 1951 Refugee Convention were to be amended and all of those fleeing due to the environment were granted status as refugees?

In this plenary session Former president of Kiribati, Anote Tong, Atle Solberg and Kees Van Der Geest are joining us to inform and discuss the issues in the field of migration due to environmental factors, climate change and livelihood, with Inger Marit Kolstadbråten as moderator.