ISFiT presents: GURLS at Dokkhuset! In GURLS we hear Ellen Andrea Wang known from Pixel, soloprojects and collaborations with among others Manu Katché and Marilyn Mazur on bass and vocals. Hanna Paulsberg, who founded the trio, on saxophone and song. Last we hear the vocalist Rohey Taalah, who together with the band Rohey, is about to hit success on their own.


It is pretty impressive to fill so much undisputed and relevant jazztalent into one trio, but that’s exactly what GURLS are. Or, maybe don’t even mention talent, these merritted people are far past that stage – we’re talking the full package a long time ago. In GURLS you’ll find three of the countries most sought after musicians in something the trio calls a musical recess. With a playful energy, self-confidence and with the unique experience these three possess, they make up a gentle and tramp funky unit of bubbly and immediate conveyance with debth. Their debut-album, “Run Boy, Run” has become a genrebreaking witches brew where the group plays with gender roles and norms, humor and (confrontational) female sexuality, in their lyrics. Refreshing and shameless, as it very well should be.

The concert will be held at Dokkhuset on february 13th from 22.00 -00.00, we hope to see you there!