R. Kjeldsberg

R. Kjeldsberg is a family company established in 1856. Today the company focuses on neighborhood development. The district Nedre Elvehavn is almost completed and our gaze is shifted to Sluppen. You will find Sluppen in the southern end of the knowledge axis, beginning at Kalvskinnet with HiST. Sluppen will contain modern office buildings, cafes, apartments, shops, and parks. The district is now a traffic junction, but the district will soon also be a public transport hub. By developing Sluppen to become an attractive town, we hope that more people will stay in Trondheim after graduation and are moving to Trondheim to work in future-oriented businesses. See the film about Sluppen’s future at

ISFiT illustrates in a very good way the commitment of students who live in Trondheim. ISFiT shows that the “good heads” not only have an academic focus, but also a major social commitment. R. Kjeldsberg is a proud supporter of ISFiT and we hope to see more of the committed students as tenants in our buildings or residents of apartments developed on Sluppen.

Geelmuyden Kiese

Geelmuyden.Kiese is Scandinavia’s largest partner-owned company within strategic communication advising.

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