Walk of Peace

We have our own "walk of fame" in Trondheim, only this is for winners of the Student Peace Prize, not actors and pop stars.

Walk of Peace is made to honour the winners of the Student Peace Prize, and their work. It is an art installation in Jomfrugata in Trondheim, where the names of all winners of the Student Peace Prize will be laid down in stone and copper plates. One memorial plate is laid down for each winner of the Student Peace Prize, and a new stone will be laid down for every new winner. The installation is the result of a design competition held in advance of ISFiT 2011 among the students in Trondheim. The winner, Åshild Herdlevær, won because of her beautiful and meaningful design of a leaf made of stone inlaid with copper.

Walk of Peace was the biggest project of ISFiT 2011. It was conducted in cooperation with the City of Trondheim, which has given ISFiT permission to use Jomfrugata as an attraction and a monument to peace. Walk of Peace was officially opened by the Mayor of Trondheim, Rita Ottervik, and ISFiT’s previous president, Jørgen W. Thorsen, 17 February 2011.

–The city is humble and happy, and we are proud of the work ISFiT do, said Ottervik at the opening.

With Walk of Peace, ISFiT and the Student Peace Prize wishes to give something back to Trondheim. It has been well received by the people of the city. The leader of tourism in Trondheim applauded the new tourist attraction and compared it with cultural treasures such as the Old Town Bridge. Perhaps one day it will be as big as the Nidaros cathedral?

The Student Peace Prize is awarded every two years during ISFiT, and is awarded to a student or a student organization that has excelled in peace and human rights work. With the Walk of Peace, the winners of the Student Peace Prize will be seen, and their work appreciated by people who might not otherwise have heard about the prize. ISFiT and the Student Peace Prize have put their mark on Trondheim, and we hope it will continue to be seen for a long time to come.

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