The theme of ISFiT 2015 is corruption. This document describes how ISFiT 2015 defines corruption. The thematic document is a framework for the thematic profile of the festival and presents how ISFiT will focus on corruption

What is corruption? ISFiT 2015 rests on the definition of corruption as the abuse of power in entrusted positions for private gains 12. By also focusing on issues that are closely related to corruption, ISFiT aims to have a broad approach to this complex issue, in addition to focusing on grey areas.

Why is ISFiT focusing on corruption? Every year more than 2600 billion dollars are lost to corruption. This amounts to more than 5 percent of the world economy.3 The negative consequences of corruption are not simply that money disappears from the economy, because corruption alters the power structures of society. Trust in democratic prosesses is undermined and the stability of political institutions is threathened. This provides a breeding ground for insurgency and instability. Corruption and other criminal acts are very much correlated. Corruption affects business activites as the costs of investments increases and the conditions for competition change. An insufficient legal framework enhances the possibility to hide money obtained through corruption and other types of illicit cash flows. Corruption is a global problem and an obstacle to political and economic development.

How is ISFiT focusing on corruption? ISFiT 2015 aims to have a solution-oriented approach to the challenge of corruption. Given today’s increased level of knowledge of corruption, it is vital that we promote a change in attitudes towards this issue. By challenging the attitudes that sustain global levels of corruption ISFiT aims to be at the forefront of the fight against corruption. ISFiT is a unique arena where students from all over the world gather for constructive dialogue that aims to bridge ideological, religious, and national divides. The students of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Through exchange of ideas between the students of today ISFiT wants to be an arena for the solutions of tomorrow. ISFiT 2015 puts corruption on the agenta to create better future for young people in the world.

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