Student Peace Prize


Every other year, the Norwegian students give out a prize to honour students and student organizations from different parts of the world for their work towards peace and human rights. It all started with someone saying: “Why don’t we have our own peace prize?”

The Student Peace Prize is a sub-organization of ISFiT and was first awarded in 1999. The promoters of the award felt that students who struggle for peace and human rights around the world are often overlooked by politicians and media. They wanted to shed light upon the work done by many hardworking students. Additionally, they wondered why the Nobel Prize is never given to students. An alternative to the Nobel Peace Prize was then established, and the goal was to provide students and student organizations working for freedom and peace hope and inspiration.

Student Peace Prize is a national award, which is presented on behalf of all Norwegian students every other year, during ISFiT. The prize is awarded to a student, or student organization, that has made an extraordinary effort for their people. The winner from last year is named Dusko Kostic. He works for the rights of the Roma people, and for their education and employment rights. In 2009, the winner of the award was Rabab Amidane. She has been through torture because of her fight for the Western Saharawi and their rights. She did not know that her own people were a distinct people, oppressed by the Moroccans, before she was twenty years old.

The award has over the years gained more weight and prestige in Norway, but also across the world. Norway has become known as a peacekeeping country, with several prestigious peace awards and a commitment to world peace. This is something ISFiT is proud to be part of.

Anyone can nominate for the Students Peace Prize people who they feel deserve an award, the only criterion is that the person is a student, or that it is a organization is run by students. A nomination committee goes through the nominations before the winner is selected by an independent committee. It is essential that the person or organization has put down a lot of hard work for peace, human rights and democracy. The winners will go on a tour in Norway, they get a lot of press coverage and attention in connection with the award and it's a great honour to receive the prize on behalf of all students in Norway.

For more information, go to the Student Peace Prize website.