A Dignified Closing Ceremony

Nothing lasts forever, and after eleven wonderful days, ISFiT is over for now.

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Tarjei Bondevik Date: 2013-02-18

The festival has been a great success in many ways. The Dialogue Groups had a head start at Røros prior to the festival, where participants from conflict areas experience great progress in their dialogue process. Speakers from all over the world came to Trondheim to contribute to several instructive plenary sessions. The Student's Peace Prize has been marked in a dignified manner. And last but not least, participants have made friendships for the rest of their lives in the workshops.

Eskil Pedersen held a short speech.

Beautiful singing

It will always feel strange when such a great event approaches an ending, and the atmosphere during the closing ceremony was thus mixed. As usual in an ISFiT ceremony, we had several high level performances.

The promising, young soprano Margrethe Fredheim performed for the second time during ISFiT. Her beautiful voice gave the audience a wonderful relaxed feeling, which felt perfect after eleven intense days.

The leader of the youth Labour Party, Eskil Pedersen, held a short speech. He admired ISFiT for being the festival that addresses the important questions.

– I hope ISFiT in the future will continue to put the most relevant issues on the agenda, said Pedersen.

The spirit of ISFiT 2013 will continue

Finally, the president of ISFiT, Kaja Juul Skarbø, held a last speech. She emphasized the fact that even though that the festival formally is over, the results of ISFiT 2013 has barely begun.

– This is not it. It won't end here. Now it is your turn to believe. Keep what you learned in ISFiT with you in many years to come, and make it guide you in difficult decisions, said Kaja.

With a beautiful closing ceremony as one last memory, the participants now travel back to their home countries. Their days in Trondheim has been filled with joy, and with their enhanced cultural understanding, they will travel home making the world a better place.

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