Broen played at Klubben

Saturday night Broen played at Klubben, as the last band of the ISFiT 2013 programme. They did a great performance and their political lyrics were very suitable for the ISFiT audience.


Kamilla Bjørklund Tollefsen Date: 2013-02-17

A finger in every pie

Broen is perhaps an unknown band for many, myself included before Saturdays concert, but the band members are musicians with a finger in every pie and many will probably recognize members from bands like Ósk, Snøskred or former Your Headlights Are On. Broen continues where Your Headlights Are On left off. Four of the former members have teamed up with lead singer Marianna Røe and created Broen. They describe their new sound as rougher, unpolished and more playful.

When they went on stage in Klubben Saturday night, as the last band of the ISFiT 2013 programme, there were possibly a few sceptics in the crowd. However, it did not take long before they were convinced by Marianna’s charms, their rough expression and strong lyrics, and not to mention the band’s matching outfits covered in sequins, made by one of the members’ mother and grandmother for the occasion.

Political lyrics

With their political lyrics filled with social criticism, Broen was a very suitable band for the ISFiT audience. They engaged their audience with songs like Just Like Coco, National Anthem and Golden Shower. The lyrics of Just Like Coco addressed problems with feminism and sexuality, while National Anthem is a criticism of Norway’s ambiguous attitude towards peace.

As Marianna pointed out Broen is a very international band, based in Trondheim, Oslo, London and Greece (Marianna is part Greek) and their lyrics addressed social problems that exist not only here in Norway. Broen wrote the song Golden Shower as a reaction towards the right-wing extremism that is currently growing in Greece. The song was well received in Klubben last night with its clear message and strong influence of hip-hop, which is recurring in many of their songs.

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